Chanm selebre anivèsè 100yèm li yo.

ELECRAMA se yon evènman 5 jou ki te fèt soti nan 13thFebèr nan 17 fevriye a 2016 nan Bengaluru Creole Egzibisyon Centre lan nan Bangalore, peyi Zend. Kòm youn nan ekspozan yo, nou te pote pwodwi ourexcellent ak ekip lavant nan evènman an pi gwo nan mond lan nan endistri sa a. Sou wout la yo vin yon konpayi mondyal la, Saipwell te pran yon gwo etap.
During the exhibition, the showcase of our booth is placed with featuredproducts, such as waterproof enclosure, thermostats, industrial plugs andsockets. There are visitors continuously everyday come and visit our stall;many of them gave positive feedback about our products from creative design togood quality. Some of them expressed their interest in our products and wouldlike to cooperate with us in the future. Our sales team warmly answered all ofthe questions with expertise. According to statistics, we received more than600 visitors from India, Middle East, South East Asia and Europe during theexhibition.
ELECRAMA was founded in 1992. So far, have more than 22 years history, it hasbecome one of the biggest electric power industry exhibitions in the world, bythe virtue of the powerful influence of Indian electric and electronicsassociation on the Indian electric power industry.

Post tan: Dec-25-2019