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Nou fè bagay sa yo yon ti jan diferan, e se konsa nou renmen li!

Saip Electric Group Co . , Ltd ( called ” Saip” forshort ) is an enterprise specialized in design , production and sales of electricequipments. Head office located in the largest manufacturing base of electricequipment of Wenzhou China, which is called” the Electric Equipment Capital of China”, next to Shanghai and Ningbo Ports . Saip has Five specialized branches, over 300 specialized cooperative partners . Saipwell , an ISO9001 certificatedenterprise, owns modern production lines and high quality controlling equipmentwith scientific administration, professional engineers, highly trained teamstechnicians and skilled workers.Now Saip has five design and production basesin Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Turkey and Shanghai(China Mainland), 28 salesorganizations in the world and more than 50 holding member enterprises. Saipwell products cover wind energy, solar energy, low-voltage apparatus, welding equipment,instrument and meter, photoelectron, electrical products for construction,automobile apparatus and industrial automation, The products are sold to morethan 100 countries and regions. All exported products have passed through thecertification of CE and partial products have passed through several kinds ofinternational certification like ROHS, KEMA, S, SIRIM and so on.Saipas always inherits“high quality and sincere service”.Saip—yoursuccessful cooperative partner!

Brand History

Mr. Greg, the founder of Saipwell brand. Defined Products that Deliver Happiness to everyone as the corporate mission at the beginning of his business. Whether it is for customers, employees or suppliers, we are always full of gratitude in order that everyone feels happy from the ultimate trust in the products, happy work, mutual benefit andSaipwell logo is in the shape of a cute and smart dolphin conveying beauty, joy and happiness to the world with its spirituality and friendship. As the sea spirit, dolphins are deeply loved by people throughout the world and have been playing an important role in human culture. People loved dolphins as early as ancient Greece. They considered it a good A legend says that Arion had been robbed by the sailors of the boat he took and forced to jump into the sea. A dolphin was impressed by his singing and therefore saved him. Saipwell also possesses the dolphin-like intelligence and friendship. When you need us most, we will provide the maximum support to you and become your most sincere.


Kilti Corporate

Corporate Mission

Delivre kontantman

Mesye Greg, fondatè mak Saipwell. Defini pwodwi ki delivre bonè a tout moun kòm misyon rèstriktirasyon an nan konmansman an nan biznis li. Kit se pou kliyan, anplwaye oswa founisè, nou toujou plen rekonesans nan lòd ke tout moun santi yo kontan soti nan konfyans nan dènye nan pwodwi yo, kè kontan travay, benefis mityèl ak genyen-genyen.

Corporate Imaj Sous

Saipwell logo tankou yon bèl Dolphin entelijan

Logo Saipwell se nan fòm yon Dolphin bèl ak entelijan transmèt bote, kè kontan ak kontantman nan mond lan ak espirityalite li yo ak amitye. Kòm lespri lanmè, dòfen yo renmen anpil moun nan tout mond lan epi yo te jwe yon wòl enpòtan nan kilti imen. Moun ki te renmen dòfen kòm byen bonè ansyen Grès. Yo te konsidere li yon bon siy pou wè dòfen nan vag yo alantou kannòt la.

Patnè ki sensè

Bay plis sipò lè ou bezwen

Yon lejand di ke Arion te vòlè pa maren yo nan kannòt la li te pran ak fòse yo vole nan lanmè a. Yon Dolphin te enpresyone pa chante l 'ak Se poutèt sa sove l'. Saipwell tou posede entèlijans Dolphin ki tankou ak amitye. Lè ou bezwen nou plis, nou pral bay sipò maksimòm pou ou epi pou yo vin pi patnè sensè ou.

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